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Affordable décor and design tips for your Home office

Remote working is now the new norm for many professionals worldwide. Moreover, the current social distancing and lockdown rules necessitate you to use your home as a makeshift office. However, your current setup may not be ideal for this new way of working. Therefore, here are some key points to consider when creating a home office.

  • Avoid unnecessary distractions

Chances are you will be spending lots of time in your new space. Therefore, ensure that the area you select is free from human traffic and other distractions that may impede productivity. For example, your guest room is a better alternative to setting up a desk in your living room. Furthermore, it offers you the privacy you need to conduct virtual or in-person meetings with your most valuable associates. Moreover, the windows allow in natural light, which is essential to a productive work environment.

  • Design for functionality

There is a reason why companies do not use sofas as office furniture. They are not agile enough to allow movement across the office floor. As such, you need office furniture that not only complements the existing décor but also has the right ergonomics for proper workflow. 

Unfortunately, home offices lack the space necessary to stuff in all your equipment. Therefore, consider using space-saving office furniture as part of your home office design and décor tips. For example, hanging floating shelves and using vertical file folders eliminates clutter from your minimal desk.

Where can you get affordable home office furniture?

Nationwide Furniture Liquidators has been supplying affordable office furniture to Orange County residents since 2001. Our inventory includes all the items you need to create the ideal home office, including desks, cubicles, and seating furniture. Additionally, we also offer you recommendations on affordable home office décor and design tips in Orange County. Our offices are open every Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Contact us now for more information