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Beat Rising Food Prices by Purchasing a Beef Cow for Your Family

Prices are soaring at the supermarket, and there are many ways to cut your grocery bill that don’t involve eating beans and rice. If you have some extra acreage, raising your own beef is one way to eat both better and cheaper. Here’s how purchasing a beef cow can help your family beat rising food costs.

Turn Wasted Grass Into Food

No one likes mowing acres of land, and all that nutritious grass gets wasted when you cut it down with a lawnmower. When you purchase a few cows for sale and raise them on unwanted grass, you’re making use of a free resource that would otherwise go in the trash.

Learn to Love All the Cuts

When was the last time you picked up a beef heart at the supermarket? When you raise and slaughter a whole beef, you get all the cuts from tongue to tail. Enjoy learning how to create new dishes like tacos de lengua that would cost a premium at a restaurant.

Enjoy Higher Quality Beef

Along with the less common cuts, you also get very expensive ones like top sirloin and ribeye. You may even recoup the cost of purchasing cows for sale in steak alone.

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