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Should You Choose Medicare Advantage in Macon, GA?

The older a person gets, the more important it is that they carry health insurance. Studies show that as the human body ages more things start to go wrong. There is an increased chance for cancer, hearth attack, stroke, and dementia.

Your Options

Without insurance, paying for these issues can cause bankruptcy or lead to the death of a person who chooses not to seek medical care because of the cost. In the United States, Medicare was created to help those over the age of 68 have access to affordable health care options. In these cases, they have the option of Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage in Macon GA.

Standard Medicare

Original Medicare is coverage provided directly through the US government. The care covers hospital stays, doctor’s visits, hospice care and more. It doesn’t provide coverage for dental, ears (beyond normal care) or eyes. This insurance must be purchased separately.

Upgrades to Medicare

Medicare Advantage in Macon GA is purchased through an insurance carrier. This plan allows for tiers of insurance to be chosen, such as an HMO or a PPO. The government subsidizes the plan up to a certain amount, and then the policy holder pays the rest of the premiums, usually in monthly installments.

Medicare Restrictions

Because Medicare Advantage is purchased through an insurance carrier, they may have more restrictions than the Original Medicare plan. For example, someone with certain medical conditions may not be able to get coverage. Usually, this only applies in the severest cases, but it is important to know the limitations when choosing a plan.

Extra Coverage

Something that Medicare Advantage can offer that the Original plan does not is additional coverage for dental, eyes and ears. This might come at an extra cost, but it’s usually minimal and far less than if someone were to purchase those types of insurance on their own.

Expert Advice

Talking to an expert is the best way to ensure that someone chooses the right plan for their needs. Places like Stone Insurance Agency Inc. offer agents that can answer any questions with authority. They will also be honest and let someone know if the coverage won’t be right for their particular situation.

If you would like to know more about Medicare Advantage, then Click here. You will find some great general information, and you’ll find contact details for agents that are waiting to help you make the right decision.