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Choosing The Right Data Center For Your Company

Companies worldwide that rely on access to data, cloud-based applications, software, and exceptional web experiences for their customers and clients have several different choices to provide these services. One of the most important of these decisions is selecting the right data center.

Options for Service

Depending on your current company infrastructure, different options in cloud computing, managed services, or co-location services may be required. Cloud computing includes private, public, hybrid, and specialized cloud options.

Managed services are full hosting services or network services. Some data centers also provide migration support, which is ideal for companies of any size to move to the new platform.

Location of Centers

For companies with co-location requirements or working with customers worldwide, the location of the data centers associated with the service is crucial. Data centers located in different areas of the world make compliance with data storage easier and limit the risk of non-compliance for your industry or sector.


Always verify the uptime of the data center under consideration. This includes any downtime due to power loss, telecommunication system problems, or even political or military action that may limit the functioning of the center.

Reliability and certifications go hand-in-hand. ISO certifications, PCI DSS certification, and HIPPA compliant designations and certifications are all critical to consider. Ideally, choosing at Tier lll facility also offers a superior service. The Tier lll facility is maintained without any disruptions in service, providing uptime over 99.982%. This ensures your business is always online, adding to the end-user experience for staff and customers.

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