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Create A Lasting First Impression with Customized Stash Jars

Now that dispensaries are not as taboo to see on the side of the road as they once were, many cannabis connoisseurs are creating memorable brand experiences for their clients. Not only can you order custom stash jars from this cannabis jar supplier, but you can submit your own personal logo and create your own aesthetic and style of the jar. Each one, however, comes equipped with an airtight seal, LED illuminated lid, and a magnifying section to see the flowers up close and personal.

Nearly Endless Color Options

As you create the custom stash jars you’ll be using in your shop, be sure to check out the list of Pantone colors available for use in your jar colors and logo as well. There are hundreds of colors available, so you can truly create a stash jar that reflects the brand of your company. Not only does a custom stash jar show off the creativity of your business, but it is sure to leave a lasting impression with your clientele as well.

Represent Your Brand

It’s important to create custom stash jars at some point so that you can represent your brand while customers shop at your business. Typically, when you order stash jars online for the use of displaying cannabis flowers, you’re stuck with a cookie-cutter design that offers no personalization. With these custom jars, you will surely stand apart from the competition.