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Digital vs. Offset Printing In Orange County

Many people make the mistake of thinking that printing is printing and that there is no real difference between digital and offset printing in Orange County. Especially if you are interested in printing promotional materials for your business, you need to learn the difference between these methods and choose the one that is best suited for your project.

What Is Offset Printing?

With offset printing in Orange County, plates typically made from aluminum are used to transfer images to rubber, which is then used to roll the image onto paper. This process is referred to as offset printing due to the fact that the ink is not directly transferred onto paper.

The offset presses operate with such efficiency once they have been set up properly, offset printing in Orange County is the ideal choice if your printing project requires large quantities. This method provides clean, crisp, and professional quality products every time.

How Is Digital Different?

The biggest difference between digital and offset printing is the fact that printing does not use plates. Instead, printing is done with laser printers and other large printers that do not use liquid ink. If your quantities are low and superior quality is not necessary, such as with greeting cards or event flyers, digital printing may be adequate.

The Advantages of Offset Printing

Offset printing in Orange County provides a number of great advantages. You are able to have larger quantities printed at a more affordable price. Offset printing allows for more options with paper types and custom finishes. If you are looking for the highest possible quality with the best color fidelity and details, you should choose offset printing in Orange County.