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Factors to Consider in Buying A Spinning Rod – What You Should Know

A spinning rod is one of the most essential tools when fishing. It is also the most overlooked one. What novices don’t know is that the right fishing rod can make catching easier. A spinning rod like the Seahawk Fishing spinning rod is used to cast the bait. A successful casting means landing your bait without spooking any fish in the area. Casting your bait accurately doesn’t just depend on talent alone, it also depends on the type of rod you have.

So how do you choose the best Heavy Cover Spinning Rod Malaysia on the market? Here are some factors that you can consider.

The Length of the Rod

Spinning rods measure from 4 feet to 14 feet. If you are into bass fishing, you can get a rod that is 6 to 8 feet long. If you don’t need to cast a distance, you can get a shorter spinning rod. A shorter spinning rod is also recommended if you prefer catching big fish. If you are on a kayak when casting, a shorter rod is also advisable because of the available space.

If you need to cover more water, you can get a longer spinning rod. This is also good if you are fishing in deep areas.

The Material it is Made Of

Most spinning rods are made of graphite and fiberglass. Graphite rods are stiffer but lighter. The advantage of graphite over fiberglass is that you can easily feel if a fish bites your bait. Fiberglass is heavier yet more durable. Choose the material depending on your style of fishing.


The handle of your spinning rod is something that you will be holding for hours or until you catch something. Most rod handles are made of cork or foam. Some handles are made made using a mixture of both cork and foam. The length of the handle also varies so you can choose to have a longer handle or a shorter one. Most Seahawk Fishing spinning rods come with a high quality EVA foam handle, which make them comfortable to hold onto for hours during casting and fighting fish.

Before buying a rod, remember that you will be holding it for some time, so make sure it is comfortable to hold and carry.