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Fast Facts About Tote Washing Machines and How They Can Be Used

Tote washing machines are something that not many people think about. However, they are a very important piece of industrial machinery that has many uses throughout several industries. Here are some fast facts on why using a tote washer may be in the best interest of your business.

Industrial Cleaning

There are many times when large plastic totes have been dirtied by such things as oil or grease or any number of industrial pollutants. Instead of disposing of these totes, most factories decide to clean them. This both saves money for the company and avoids the undesirable act of having to send more toxic materials to landfills. The special washing machines are designed to clean and sterilize the totes so that they meet the strict environmental standards that the government demands.

Industries That Utilize Them

There are actually many different industries that use a tote washer to clean and sanitize their containers. Some of the industries include auto, food, medical, and waste management. While the size of totes and containers will vary from industry to industry, any quality tote washer company will advise you on what solution is best for your company.


If one of the mass-produced machines that are manufactured are found to not be able to wash your particular containers, they can be custom-made to your exact specifications. This will ensure that no matter what kind of totes you use, they will be able to be properly and efficiently cleaned. If you need a tote washing machine, contact Chicago Boiler aka CB Mills now.