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Four Options in Art, Design, and Drawing Courses to Explore in Maryland

If you are investigating art classes in Maryland, you probably have already discovered many courses to consider. Some little-known workshops can complement your current skills or spark new interests.

Drawing Systems

To develop a deeper understanding of design and drawing, a comprehensive lecture that starts with the basics might be the right approach. To make this type of coursework interactive, look for art classes in Maryland that offer workbooks. These logs allow you to practice the techniques as you listen and learn.


After taking an introductory drawing class, a natural progression is to learn more about design. When you begin to merge more concepts, your pieces can take on a mature, developed appearance. A grasp of design is a cornerstone skill needed before moving into more advanced sketches, like the human form.


Many professional and amateur artists spend a lifetime tackling the human body and face. Once individuals delve into building the form with lines and shapes, they can take those rudimentary skills and begin experimenting with more subjects.


Students who want to study color might look to the Fletcher System. This system begins with the traditional color wheel. A student can learn about complementary shades, the power of space, shading, and how to organize a palette.

There are art classes in Maryland that explain and help you apply these techniques on your schedule through downloadable seminars. Some other ways to access training are one-on-one sessions with an online coach, on-demand classrooms, and DVDs. The coaching calls can range from 15 minutes to several hour-long sessions.