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House Mold Inspection in Fort Myers – Where to Get Help

Mold testing in Fort Myers is an important investment every property owner needs to make if there is any type of risk for mold growth. Working with a mold inspection company, it is possible to determine if there is mold present, assess how severe it is, and find out what type of clean up is necessary to create a safe living space again. As a property owner, it is critical to take these steps to ensure the property is safe for use.

Commercial and Residential Inspections

At Mold Inspectors of Florida, we provide commercial mold inspections for all types of property. This includes inspecting buildings in all industries for the risk of mold growth. In some areas, it is a requirement to have any area at risk to be checked on a routine basis. In all cases, it is worth doing so to ensure the area is safe for use.

Residential mold inspection is perhaps the most important investment you can make in your home. Any type of moisture build-up, including behind walls, flooring, and other areas, can grow rapidly over a short period of time. It can get into HVAC systems and spread fast, creating a risk for mold spores to be throughout the home. It is our job to get rid of all of these risks.

What Can Be Done?

Our team will provide comprehensive mold testing in Fort Myers properties to determine if there is a high level present. If it is, then a treatment plan is created to remove the mold, and full remediation is necessary to ensure the property is safe again.

Without this type of help, a property owner could face a significant risk of illness that will only get higher over time. House mold inspection in Fort Myers, as well as commercial inspections, should not be put off.