How can the Swiss School of Hotel Management Help You Build a Bright Career?

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Education

If you are eager to develop a career in the hospitality industry, you may consider the advantages of studying hotel management in Switzerland. It is a dream for many international students to study in a Swiss school of hotel management. In Switzerland, the first hotel management school started its journey in 1919. Since its inception, it has been maintaining a close association with many leading international hospitality organisations. If you study in a hospitality management school in Switzerland, you will gain ES qualification from the Swiss confederation. This kind of school also provides internship programs that can help you grow your career.

What can you get from an internship?

Internship programs offered by the Swiss school of hotel management allow the students to complete the course within six months. Some programs provide 500 hours of practical work experience. You can get “on-the-job” training and academic assessments. An experienced academic tutor will supervise you and mentor you throughout the program. These programs are intended to help students with critical reflection on the relationship dynamics between academic studies and the workplace environment.

How does it benefit a student?

Most Swiss schools follow the best standards followed by international organisations. A reputed Swiss school of hotel management will grow key practical and transferable qualities problem-solving skills and communication skills. You will be able to learn new techniques, ideas, and a working environment. You can receive marketable experience within their career field. Moreover, you can build a network of contacts with the hospitality industry.

This way full-time courses and internship programs offered by hospitality management schools in Switzerland can help you.

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