How Often Should Couples Meet for Therapy?

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Business

This is often a burning question asked when two individuals agree they should begin a course of relationship building for couples. There is no easy or straightforward answer to the question because every couple has their own individual expectations and goals, but success may become more likely when the couples can meet with a counsellor every week.

Private or Open Sessions?

You may be attending a private meeting with your counsellor for relation building for couples. Conversely, you might choose to take part in group therapy sessions. It is possible to try both options as one may become more suitable than the other. Sharing your experiences with a larger group will provide different benefits to a private counsellor meeting.

Another alternative, is to mix both private and group therapy sessions, so that you can learn new skills, while understanding more about difficulties that may not yet have arisen for you as a couple, but will help you understand and recognize the situation should it arise.

Commitment Is Important

There is more opportunity to reach a good quality resolution from your relationship building for couples sessions, when you are both committed to regular attendance, be open with your views and setting sensible expectations and goals.

Where each partner is motivated sufficiently, they will become dedicated to learn how to become better communicators and listeners, while supporting each other. This may be achieved when both partners fully understand how they are expected to behave within the relationship. However, they should accept that some elements of conflict may have appeared during the sessions, leading to eventual success.

The never-ending question which asks how many sessions are required has no definite answer. The sessions will achieve the best results when they see and feel that their resolutions have been achieved and new skills learned. Rushing through the therapy sessions will almost certainly delay progress, but equally, therapists must understand the financial decisions that should be made for couples to attend therapy.

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