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How to Order Baked Goods at the Best Donut Shop in Newnan, GA

The best donut shop in Newnan, GA, may not be the nearest donut shop to your work. However, the best local donut shop is well worth the extra few minutes of a drive. Freshly baked goods are delicious and will brighten up even the dreariest of work days. You can order for yourself, friends, and co-workers in person. However, you may be on a tight timeline and do not have time to wait for your order. Here are the two best options for ordering bulk at a donut shop.

1. Email

The best donut shop in Newnan, GA, will accept orders via email. When you are ordering for the whole office, email may be the easiest option for you. You can ask your coworkers to tell you what they want and type out a list for the donut shop. However, there are some significant cons of ordering via email compared to in person. When you order via email, you may have to wait for a confirmation email. Employees are busy taking orders and preparing orders. They may not monitor emails at every minute of the day. Your order may take longer to process than when you submit an order in person. If you plan to order donuts and pastries via email, you should consider ordering at least two days in advance.

2. Phone

One of the easiest ways to order a large number of baked goods is through a simple phone call. You can call the donut shop and speak with an employee directly. The employee will meticulously write down your request and confirm the order is correct. In most cases, employees can take a credit or debit card payment right over the phone. They will ask you to confirm the person that is expected to pick up the order and provide you with an estimated completion time.