Important Things You Will Learn During CPR Training in Orange County CA

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Business

Over the decades, countless lives have been saved, thanks to bystanders jumping into action and performing CPR life-saving measures. For this reason, many employers and organizations require their employees or members to learn how to use this valuable tool. If you are looking into CPR training in Orange County, CA, then keep reading to see what you’ll learn during your lessons.

Laws, Regulations, and Safety

Most human interactions are governed by law. In CPR class, you’ll learn and explore the so-called Good Samaritan laws and how to perform life-saving techniques within the boundaries of the law. You’ll also learn how to identify signs and symptoms of medical problems and how to respond accordingly and with the proper safety measures in place.

Nuts and Bolts of CPR

Different types of CPR may be used in an emergency situation, depending on the circumstances. In CPR class, you’ll learn that all. For instance, hands-only CPR is best used on teens and adults who collapse outside of a hospital setting. There’s also team CPR, which is administered by people acting together. By the end, you’ll be able to perform CPR on babies, children, and adults in a variety of situation.

CPR for Choking

CPR classes have expanded to teach you how to deal with choking victims, who are either conscious or unconscious. You’ll also learn the techniques necessary to help choking victims of different ages, from babies to full-grown adults.

First Aid

First aid training will accompany your CPR lessons. In addition, you’ll receive instruction on the basics of first-responder life-saving techniques to treat all manner of emergency situations, from hypothermia to snake bites, from heat stroke to excessive bleeding.

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