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Lessen Moving Day Madness: 5 Ways to Hire the Right Movers

Changing addresses is tough. Moving to a new home could mean leaving a lot of things behind as you transition to a new life. Having a hard time? Lessen the madness of moving day by hiring good movers in Woodland Hills:

Start with recommendations

Ask around. Friends and family are often an excellent source of tips, suggestions, referrals and recommendations. This can help you cut through a lot of the clutter to find the quickest and best leads.

Screen them

Once you have enough recommendations to put together a short list of options, time to filter your list by doing a bit of a background check on them. Start with the basics. Do they have a BBB rating? What kind of associations are they a member of? This will help you get a clear picture of the moving firms on your list and if they’re a good choice or not.

Show everything

Don’t try to get best of a moving firm by leaving out a few chairs and tables from your inventory list only to put them back in on moving day. That’s going to affect your final price or earn you a heftier one. Also, be sure the moving firm knows of any conditions that might make the move more challenging like stairs or elevators. What’s the door nearest your curb? If it’s quite a distance away, that’s going to add to your rate as well, says LifeHacker.

Know as much as you can

Before you hire movers in Woodland Hills, know as much as you can about the company including the company’s address, phone numbers and website as well as email addresses as well as its USDOT and MC license numbers.

Read the fine print

Understand the contract, chapter and verse, before you sign anything. Know what’s covered so you’ll know if you’re going to be charged extra for some services or not.