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Making a Better Impression with Digital Scanning

As an orthodontist, you may have made countless impressions of patients’ teeth. You relied on traditional dental practices of making molds out of people’s mouths using materials like dental ceramic. As much as patients may not have liked undergoing this procedure, it was the only way you had to create molds of their mouths to use for orthodontic treatments.

However, the newest dental technology like dental scanning offers numerous that makes it more appealing to both dentists and patients alike. You can decide if an Itero digital scanner is right for your practice by learning more about this innovation today.

One of the main reasons your patients may like the Itero digital scanner is the fact that it does not require the use of traditional molds and materials. When you place traditional molds in people’s mouths to make impressions, you inadvertently cause many patients to gag and feel like they are going to be sick. Even worse, they have to sit in the chair with the molds in their mouths for long minutes until the impression is fully made.

With a digital scanner, you avoid invoking this unpleasant experience on patients and instead provide a less invasive and faster way to make impressions of their teeth. It does not require the use of foul tasting dental ceramic or other fluids used to make impression. They simply have to bite down on a scanning device that lets the machine take a full picture of their mouth.

You in turn get a three dimensional impression that you can use to make braces, create implants, design partials, and create a full set of dentures if necessary. You also get more precise results that you can rely on during the creation process. You can find out more about this machine for your practice online.