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Medical Device Lubricant – Dry Lubricant by Dicronite, El Paso, TX

Engineers may achieve improved functioning for medical equipment while accommodating layered tolerances using dry lubricants. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a dry lubricant that aids in lowering the friction coefficient on medical devices’ surfaces, allowing the devices’ moving parts to glide, spin, and swivel without experiencing any friction. Overall, using dry lubricants improves medical equipment’s functionality, uniformity, accuracy, and quality.

The better performance levels of medical devices are facilitated by dry lubricants, which are also inexpensive. While non-dry lubricants like silicone and hydrocarbon-based lubricants may also assist devices in reducing friction and increasing motion, they often cause problems with hygiene and infection when they spread residues to adjacent surfaces.

A PTFE-carrier fluid dispersion is often used to apply dry lubricants by dipping individual parts or fully assembled devices into it. Small pieces, coils of wire, and products of various forms are often coated with this technique. The number of particles in the carrier will determine the coating thickness, and usually, only one dip is required.

Applying the medical device lubricant to components and machinery with various geometries is made possible due to this flexibility. Spraying the lubricant onto certain regions of a surface that must be coated is one substitute for dipping.

Dicronite dry lubrication offers dependable, tested performance for the medical and pharmaceutical industries thanks to its compliance with ISO-10993 biocompatibility and USP Class 6 criteria. Also it is resistant to severe sterilization methods like autoclave and gamma radiation.

Are you a medical engineer in need of lubrication for your medical equipment? Contact Dicronite of El Paso, TX, to order medical device lubricant with exemplary performance.