Plug-and-Play X-Ray-Tube Packaged Solutions in Santa Cruz, CA

by | Jul 14, 2020 | Electronics and Electrical

For a plug-and-play X-ray tube solution, packaged items with built-in wiring and shielding can connect and start working from the go. They work for high-voltage and high-use applications and a wide range of other applications. Some basic information can help in deciding which options work best.

What Are Packaged Tubes?

Packaged X-ray tubes use metal housings, which acts as a radiation shield for temperature management, keeping them cool in high temperatures. The housings also serve to prevent arcing. These tubes are an easy-to-implement solution or OEM replacement parts for a variety of needs.


Packaged X-ray tubes offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Easy installation – A prepackaged tube allows for power-supply plug-in for quick operation
  • Built-in radiation shielding – This means there are no extra shielding measures required for operation
  • Exemplary thermal properties – Typical potted tubes aren’t very resistant to high temperatures. With the highly-resistant metal housing, the tube won’t become compromised under the high-temperature conditions involved in many use cases.
  • High-voltage isolation and more – All of these offer many benefits.

The Best Options to Choose

Knowing which advantages and benefits will work best are key to understanding a proper solution. Technologically-versed craftspeople in Santa Cruz CA with decades of applied learning in tube construction will provide the information needed for optimal solutions. They handcraft tubes for X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, thickness gauging, medical imaging and electron imaging. Contact Micro X-ray Inc. at 831-207-4900 or visit their website today.

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