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Reasons for an Employee to Receive Special Recognition in Arlington, VA

Employees who love what they do sometimes choose to go above and beyond the call of duty. When an employee chooses to go that extra mile, choosing to extend some type of Recognition Arlington VA is an excellent move. Here are some examples of when doing something other than offering a little praise is in order.

Finishing a Major Project for a Sick Colleague

The company has the chance to land a major account, but it does mean participating in a call for proposals. Unfortunately, the individual who was spearheading the proposal preparation is ill and won’t be back before the submission deadline. Another employee who is knows a great deal about the potential client steps in and makes sure the proposal is in full compliance with every point mentioned in the customer’s Request For Proposal. Thanks to the thorough job, the company wins out and secures the account. Providing some recognition in Arlington, VA to the employee who stepped in and made it happen is something the employer should do without fail.

Coming Up With a New Idea

The company owner would like to expand the client base to include a different demographic. Unfortunately, ideas on how to reach out to customers other than those who already use the products are not emerging. Finally, an employee hits on an approach that would attract a small but lucrative demographic. After hearing the employee out and talking with the marketing team, the idea will fly. As the new orders begin to roll it, recognizing the contribution of that employee is a must. Click here for more details.

Saving the Company a Lot of Money

Operating a company involves more than creating products that customers will buy consistently. There’s also the need to manage resources to best effect. An employee came up with an idea that would save a significant amount in production costs each month, without having any negative impact on product quality. Since this new strategy will save so much money, recognizing the contribution of that employee is not something to delay.

Whether the recognition has to do with some new idea or honoring an employee for many years of service, call the team at Award Crafters Inc today. It will not take long to come up with some type of award that is appropriate and provides the employee with tangible evidence of how much the company owner values the contribution.