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Reasons Why An Aluminum Recycling Company in Baltimore Always Needs This Metal

Aluminum scrap metal is always in demand. It’s one of the few recyclable materials that consumers consistently get good money for at the scrap yard. Why does an aluminum recycling company in Baltimore want this material so much? The reasons involve aluminum’s changeless nature and ability to be used in numerous products.

Changeless Nature

Unlike most recyclable materials, aluminum does not deteriorate or change in composition over time. It does not rust or have fibers or other components that break down; it lasts forever. That means it can be recycled over and over, allowing manufacturers who need the metal to obtain it with significantly less cost than they would pay for new aluminum. Those savings are passed along to their employees in the form of higher wages and to consumers in the form of lower prices for products.

Products Made With Recycled Aluminum

Most empty beverage cans collected by an Aluminum Recycling Company in Baltimore are turned back into beverage cans. The industry needs an enormous amount of metal for this use. Many other items are made with this recycled material as well. The metal can be used for products such as foil for wrapping food, filing cabinets and lawn furniture. It’s included in construction materials for buildings and bridges. Recycled aluminum is used in vehicles ranging from bicycles to cars to airplanes.

The Recycling Process

Thousands of pounds of empty cans go through the recycling process every week. They are usually shipped in loads by railroad to facilities that treat the scrap metal and convert it back into cans. In the United States, most of these plants are located in the southeastern part of the country. The cans are cleaned and melted, with all ink and coatings being removed as they are turned into molten metal. The metal is made into very large blocks that are rolled out to thin sheets on manufacturing equipment.

The process all begins with a company such as Mid-Atlantic Metals Inc., as people come to the facility to drop off used beverage cans. contact us to learn the current pricing for aluminum and other information.