Residential Tree Removal in Brooklyn Park MN

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Tree Services

Most people really enjoy having trees on their property. There’s something majestic about a tree that has been growing for over a hundred years and still stands strong. Unfortunately, not all trees actually stay alive. In some cases a tree can be attacked by insects, drought, or disease. Once a tree dies it can be unsafe to have on residential property. Dead trees are slowly collapsing on themselves. If that tree was to fall over anyone in the immediate area would be in danger. A house could suffer considerable damage if a large tree were to fall on it. Small children or animals could be put in mortal danger if a tree were to fall while they were playing in the yard. If dead or dying tree is present its important to call a professional service provider for residential tree removal in Brooklyn Park MN.

A professional service provider for residential tree removal in Brooklyn Park MN can help remove dead or dying trees from a residential property and prevent damage or injury. A dead or dying tree is also an indication of insect infestation. Wood eating insects such a termites as carpenter ants tend to build nests in dead or dying trees. If those insects have made a nest in a dead or dying tree they could make their way into a home. Removing a dead tree is a good way to prevent these insects from doing damage to a home. Termite damage is a homeowners worst nightmare. Repairing the damage caused by wood eating insects is very expensive and time consuming.

If a tree is found to be in poor health it will be in the homeowners best interest to have that tree removed safely. There are hundreds of injuries caused each year by falling trees, mostly caused by unsafe removal. A homeowner should not attempt to remove a tree on their own. The safest course of action is to contact a service provider will the proper tools and experience in using those tools. Contact Yes! Trees – Tree Service today for more information.

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