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Roofing Services in College Park, GA, Talk About Missing Roof Shingles

Reputable roofing services in College Park, GA, share that walking on your roof is not the only way to inspect for missing shingles. The truth is that if you walk around on your shingles, you could break them. Having both feet on the ground can also help keep you safe. When you’re unsure what to do, call a skilled roofing service. Drones or binoculars are just two different methods used to inspect every inch of your roof for missing shingles.

Looking for Missing Shingles

Shingles are the pieces of asphalt-coated material that cover the wood on your roof and are not used in metal roof repair & installation. They help keep light and dangerous things from getting in. They keep the wind and any kind of rain out. Your first defense against birds, rodents, and other bugs is a strong roof. When roofs are missing, all sorts of problems can get into your home. It’s important to get new ones right away when they go missing.

Look at the roof with a pair of binoculars or use a drone. Check each shingle to make sure it is in good shape and sitting flat on the roof.

Problem with Missing Shingles

When roof shingles are missing, water and pests can get into your house. It’s pretty common to notice these problems before you understand that your roof needs work. Roof problems are usually easier to spot for professional roofing services in College Park, GA, than for property owners. When your roofer sees a red flag, you can start on fixes that won’t break the bank. When the safety of your home is at stake, that little bit of care goes a long way.