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Signs Your Relationship Needs Relationship Counseling, Longwood, FL

Issues and fights in a relationship are normal and healthy. Through these disagreements, you learn from one another and understand how to treat your partner in different situations. Most of these disagreements are often solvable through talking and agreeing to disagree.

However, some situations require the involvement of a third party. Seeing a relationship counselor has a huge benefit in your relationship. With the help of therapy, a couple understands how to manage conflict, control anger, improve bonds, and create healthier communication.

Here are signs that you need relationship counseling in Longwood, FL:

You have trouble communicating

Miscommunication and conflict are very common in all relationships. For this reason, it can be hard to know when you should seek counseling versus struggle through the process. Below are some examples of signs of distress that could be assisted with the support of a therapist.

Circular or Recurring Conflict

You know the type of argument I am referring to here. This is the argument that never seems to die and never ends with progress. Over time, this type of communication can lead to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, which for many, leads to feelings of doubt around the sustainability of the marriage.

Aggressive or Violent Communication

Aggressive or violent communication (i.e. belittling, name calling, making threats) is always an indicator that you need support to create a safe and loving relationship that allows for true intimacy. In counseling, we will address this issue head on and create boundaries around communication patterns that can be used moving forward.

The functional relationship needs professional maintenance. Reach out to Togetherness Counseling to get relationship counseling in Longwood, FL.