Take Better Care of the Fire Sprinklers in Your Newark Home or Office

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Fire and Security

There are many resources that you can use to protect your home or office from fire, including a fire sprinkler system. While it isn’t much you have to do to take care of your fire sprinklers, there are a few ways you can ensure the sprinklers will be in good working condition when you need them. In addition to scheduling regular fire sprinkler inspections in NJ, you should also follow a few other precautions.

Don’t Block Sprinklers

While this seems like common sense, it’s easy to forget that the sprinklers are there until you have done something to interfere with their operation. It’s common for people to paint over sprinklers, block them with tall dressers or headboards, or hang decorations from them. All of these actions can keep your sprinklers from operating at a crucial moment.

Don’t Turn Water Off

The water that’s delivered into your home or office is operated by a control valve. Turning this valve to the off position will prevent the sprinklers from operating. If you must turn the water off to correct a plumbing problem, be sure to turn the valve back to the on position afterward. It can also help to conduct an annual water flow test to ensure you’re getting good water pressure throughout your home or office.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

It’s a good idea to schedule fire sprinkler inspections in NJ at least once per year to ensure the sprinkler system is in good working order. A certified technician can test your system and recommend repairs that will ensure the reliable operation of the system. Since you will only use the fire sprinklers in an emergency, regular inspections are the only way to discover problems in advance.

When it is time to have your sprinkler system inspected or updated, visit Newark Fire Sprinkler Corp.

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