The Basics of Golf Course Maintenance

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Business

Golf courses are best known for one thing: beautiful landscapes. Most people wonder how golf courses are so meticulously kept. This look is the result of careful planning and expert landscaping skills. Each course has its own unique aspects, but the overall maintenance plan is the same. If you golf, learning how the grounds are kept can give you a greater appreciation of the space. Learn some of the steps involved in modern golf course maintenance.

Sand Bunker Raking

It may come as a surprise that sand needs maintenance. In fact, sand bunkers require regular raking in order to keep their pristine appearance. These bunkers take a lot of damage over a typical golfing day. Golfers walk through them, and balls slam into the surface disturbing the layout. Groundskeepers need to rake these areas to keep them smooth.

Dealing With Divots

Divots are a common sight at most golf courses. These little patches of upturned turf are one of the main reasons for golf course turf maintenance. Divots are caused by the slicing motion of a golf club. When the head of a club hits the surface of the grass, it can create a gash. In most cases this can be repaired by refitting the displaced grass into the hole. In some cases it may be necessary to use a divot repair kit to fix the hole.

Keeping it Rough

Golfers may not like it, but every course has a rough section to add to the challenge. Caring for this area requires a different technique than that of regular grass. This particular aspect of golf course turf maintenance requires careful planning and close attention. The grounds crew will need to address the length, density and moisture of this area to maintain the rough texture.

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