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The Extras of Living in Off-Base Military Housing in Chula Vista

Living on base can have some advantages, but it’s not for everyone. Sometimes, it might even make more sense to live on the base. One of the things to consider when choosing between on-base or off-base military housing in Chula Vista are the amenities. Here are some of the standard amenities not found in most homes on base.

Architectural Character and Details

Base housing is specifically designed to be inexpensive, simple and compact. You won’t find things like tray ceilings, bay windows, recessed lighting or other craftsman-type features. The walls are always white. Off-base military housing in Chula Vista offers more variety and design features.

Climate Control

Base housing doesn’t always include air conditioning, even in some of the hotter climates. Some bases don’t even allow window units since the power grid can’t support every home having one. They only provide ceiling fans. Off-base housing includes central heat and air.

More Closets and Storage

Typical on-base options have small closets with barely enough room for your uniforms. Off-base apartments have larger closets with plenty of room for clothing. Kitchens typically have a pantry and more cabinets for storage.

Swimming Pool

Off-base military housing in Chula Vista has the advantage of a swimming pool. The pool is conveniently and centrally located in most housing options and restricted to residents only so it’s not overcrowded.

Access to Social Events

Living on-base can make it difficult to interact with the community. Inviting someone to your house means getting them passes. If you like late-night activities access is limited to one 24-hour gate. Off-base housing options don’t have gates and you can come and go to social events or invite friends over any time without restrictions.

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