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The Pleasures of One Superb & Eclectic American Restaurant in Lancaster, PA

Going out to eat a meal of fine food with friends or family members can be a wonderful experience when the dining establishment has delicious dishes and a welcoming and relaxed dining atmosphere. Learn about the pleasures of eating at one superb and eclectic American restaurant in Lancaster PA serving fine food and spirits since 1984.

Choose from a Scrumptious Selection of Small Plates That Can Be Mixed & Matched

It is nice when a family-friendly restaurant has good food at affordable prices. This dining establishment goes above and beyond what’s expected. Choose from a number of enticing small plate menu selections that can be mixed and matched for a phenomenally low price. This allows everyone to sample new dishes that they may have never tried before. Choose for salmon fritter sliders with coleslaw or the shrimp scampi flatbread with fresh pesto, Monterey Jack & cheddar with a drizzle of ranch for taste.

Delicious Cuisine Served Up with Style & Old-Fashioned Service

If you remember the restaurants of yesteryear where customer service was always divine and impressive, this popular American restaurant in the Lancaster PA area is sure to bring back fond memories while making new ones at the same time. This dining establishment prides itself on that old-fashioned customer service that all patrons deserve and appreciate.

Consider On- or Off-Premises Catering Services for an Upcoming Event

Try the heavenly and convenient catering services on the premises or off. Contact Reflections Fine Food & Spirits. They have 30 years of catering experience that you can benefit from.