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The Qualities And Characteristics Of Top Motivational Speakers

Adding a motivational speaker to any conference or professional development and training event creates value beyond just gaining information and strategic applications. It offers attendees of the event a way to see themselves as instruments of positive change and value, allowing them to see their jobs and contributions to the world around them in a much different light.

The Gift of Connection

Motivational speakers have a true gift to have the ability to connect with the audience on a deeply personal level. Even though the speaker may be talking to hundreds or thousands of people at one time, the audience members feel the speaker is talking to them and relating a message they can incorporate in their life.

To be able to deliver this type of powerful and personal message, motivational speakers have several different qualities or characteristics. Some of the most important characteristics include:

  • Empathy – top motivational speakers are empathetic and provide their information in a way to highlight how everyone can overcome a challenge or obstacle in life. They are not better or superior to others, but they are supportive and encouraging while respecting everyone has different challenges in their lives.
  • Authentic message – when the message is authentic and real, it resonates with the audience. This is why a personal message of overcoming adversity or challenge is more powerful than sharing the specific process or the steps involved in solving the problem.
  • Relatability – the audience members should see themselves triumphing over their challenges or reaching greater accomplishments. The speaker paints a verbal picture of success that is relevant and relatable to the audience.
  • Natural speech – a motivational speaker can be very eloquent or more casual, with the true professional speakers able to adjust to the specific audience to deliver their message. However, they are always authentic and true to themselves.
  • Stage presence – whether on the live stage or in virtual events, the best motivational and inspirational speakers have a stage presence. They use movement, gestures, and humor to create a presence. They allow their passion and emotion to surface throughout the presentation.

Motivational and inspirational speakers are often used to bookend a conference. This is a wonderful opportunity to start the day and end the event on a positive and uplifting note. For more information, please visit JLA.