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Three Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home with a Copper Weathervane

Weather vanes are beautiful pieces that you often find on top of a cupola. Once used to help determine weather patterns, these unique pieces are now popping up in home decor everywhere. Their antique appearance works beautifully in any country setting or in today’s farmhouse styles. When decorating with new copper weathervanes, consider these three ways to display them perfectly.

Wall Art

Whether you use a single weather vane or a whole collection, these pieces make beautiful wall art. Most weather vanes feature some type of animal. Roosters are traditional, but you can find them with just about anything from sea creatures to wildlife. Choose one that matches your other decor.

Over the Fireplace

Decorating a mantel can be a challenge. This is especially true for an oversized fireplace. You need items that are large enough to look well-balanced. Otherwise, your decor will become lost and look insignificant. A stunning weather vane is the perfect solution.

A Lighting Fixture

You can find all types of lamps and ceiling fixtures made from unusual items. A weather vane fits into this category beautifully. Have one wired so that it can be hung like a chandelier. Put it on a base and add electric wiring for an extraordinary lamp.

Regardless of where you decide to use your new company name they will be a beautiful addition to your home. Their unique appearance is ideal as a focal point or for some added interest. Visit Royal Crowne to start your collection.