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Tips on How to Use a Curly Hairbrush

Haircare for curly hair can be daunting but it is possible to have bouncy, defined curls if you know how to maintain your hair the right way. We’ve compiled a short list of tips that you can use with a curly hairbrush without disturbing the appearance and bounce of your curly locks.

Get a Grip

To make sure you can brush your hair thoroughly, you will first need to have a good grip on the brush that you are using. This is easier said than done if the handle of the brush is too short or too thick, making it uncomfortable to grip. Once you can find the perfect size curly hairbrush for your hand, it will ensure that you don’t pull at your curls or cause unwanted hair damage. The perfect curly hairbrush is one that does not cause any discomfort or pain in your hand during or after you’re done combing your curly hair.

Brush when it’s Wet

You should only brush curly hair after it’s wet or dampened. That’s because running a brush on dry curly hair will result in an unwanted frizz, or worse, hair breakage. Also, not dampening your hair before brushing could result in fizzy and loosened curls, which can be unruly and hard to manage.


The purpose of using a curly hairbrush that has been specifically designed for brushing curls is that it helps detangle your hair, which will make your hair look great since each coil will have more definition and will be knot-free. To find out more tips on how to brush curly hair, please visit.