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What Makes Dance Videos Go Viral?

For those with a new dance, creating a video of it is a simple and straightforward way to get it to catch on with others. Dance videos are out there by the thousands. To get any video to stand out and go viral, there are a few key things that really need to happen.

Create Something That Is Enjoyable to Do by Others

Dance videos do well when other people are able to perform the dance and video themselves doing it. Avoid a complex or long dance. Keep it fun and to the point. It is also important to have content that is easy to remember. A few steps repeated over and over again works well.

Look for Videos That Are Different

It is always important to be original. This is hard to do today, but it is a necessary step to get people to engage in the video and share it. Dance videos should always be based on movements that feel good, are positive, and that most people will find easy to do. Then, make sure they are very unique from others.

These tips, coupled with using a popular song and dancers who are smiling, engaging, and fun to watch, can help to make dance videos take off on social media. Invest a bit more time into the process by learning what makes other dance videos do well. This can help to ensure a new video is getting the type and amount of attention necessary.