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What to Know About Dry Type Transformers


Dry type transformers change the level of voltage. That’s what happens when transformers reduce the high voltage from power plants to make them suitable and safe for indoor use and applications.

How they work

When a power current flows through the wire, it creates a fluctuating magnetic field around it. This field is also commonly referred to as the magnetic flux. When this field fluctuates around a piece of wire, it creates an electric current in the wire. When a second wire is installed or linked to the first charged wire, the result is an electric current that flows right into the second wire. That’s how the electricity moves from one wire to another, all without the two wires touching each other.


There are a number of factors to consider before you pick out a dry type transformer. First, the transformer has to be able to withstand heat. Then it must be easy to maintain. And lastly, it must be safe to use. A transformer must strongly meet those conditions before you choose it.


Finding the right dry type transformer suppliers is another crucial part of the process, says the Bruce Electric Equipment. After all, to make sure you have quality transformers, you’ll have to find a reliable and credible source first. So take the time to research on dry type transformer suppliers near you. Look over their products and services. Shop around and compare their products from other sites or potential sources. Don’t forget to take a look at their promo pages or discount offers. You might come across the perfect offer, allowing you to dramatically save up on costs.

So don’t let the wrong transformer compromise the safety and function of your property or project. Shop around until you find the best suppliers and get quality transformers for better results.