What To Know Before Calling A Long Island, NY, Cesspool Service

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Business

If you live in a rural area of Long Island, NY, or if you live in a more suburban or even an urban area in an older home, it is possible you have a cesspool as opposed to a septic tank or municipal sewer service.

Cesspools have been used for centuries in the Long Island, NY, area as well as throughout the United States and around the world. In their most basic form, they were originally deep holes dug into the earth and then lined with stones or bricks, designed to have spaces between to allow water to drain and filter out and solids to remain inside the space. In more recent history, they were also lined with cinder blocks.

Today, the new options in cesspools are pre-formed cylinders that are safe, strong and secure. However, like any type of system in a home, even modern cesspools require cesspool service to ensure they continue to function correctly and effectively.

Type and Location of the Cesspool

If you know the type and the location of the cesspool it is very helpful for the cesspool service. However, these professionals can typically locate the cesspool, but by knowing where it is, homeowners can save both time as well as costs.

Problems Experienced

Just like with the newer septic tank systems, it is important to call a cesspool service on a regular basis to pump the system. This is a preventative step that should be done every three years, with longer periods between service if there are only a few people living in the home and wastewater production is limited.

If you are experiencing any slowdowns in the drainage of toilets, sinks or bath and shower drains, calling in the service company sooner rather than later can prevent more costly problems from developing.

Any odors on the property or changes in the soil level over the cesspool or any drainage pools should be immediately checked by a professional cesspool company. While uncommon, it is possible for the old types of cesspool repair service in Long Island NY, to collapse, including some which have led to tragic consequences.

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