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Why Artificial Frosted Christmas Trees Are a Great Option for the Holidays

While getting a real Christmas tree may seem like the spirit of the season, in the end, it can be quite a pain. In fact, many people end up stating that they much prefer displaying an artificial tree instead, especially a frosted Christmas tree. There are many reasons why this is so.


The most obvious benefit to an artificial Christmas tree is how cost-effective they are. You buy one tree and you have it for years on end, in most cases an entire lifetime. With real Christmas trees, you have to buy one year after year and then pay for their disposal as well.

No Mess

With an artificial tree, there is no clean-up involved. You simply disassemble it when the holidays are over and put it back into storage. Nothing could be simpler. There is no having to vacuum up needles that have shed or struggle trying to get it into and out of the door.

Safety First

Real Christmas trees present a fire hazard, which is why most apartments and other rentals will not allow them. Some home insurance policies even have holiday tree exceptions written into them in the event there is a fire attributable to them. With an artificial tree, the safety risk is a moot point because the plastic will not catch on fire.


With a frosted Christmas tree, the lights are usually pre-installed, so you don’t even have to untangle cords. You simply plug it in and enjoy it with your family. For more information, please visit The Christmas Palace.