3 Continuing Education Courses Recommended for Commercial Property Inspectors

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Commercial Inspector

When you choose your career path, you want to make sure you are going to enjoy it. At the very least, you want to be able to make it work and continually improve your skills as you become a veteran in your industry. It is always worth refreshing the standards of your industry in your mind. Sometimes, a refresher keeps you motivated, or it can spark new ideas for business growth. Commercial Property Inspectors and Certified Building Inspectors benefit from continuing educational commercial property inspection courses.

Here are three continuing education courses professionals in the commercial inspection field should consider taking.

Standards of Practice

As a Commercial Property Inspector, you are working in a niche market. Although residential property inspectors are more common and the two jobs have similarities, there are some differences specific to working on commercial properties. It is said to be a largely untapped market. Your customers are also different from those seeking residential inspection. When inspecting a business property, there tends to be less emotion involved by the interested parties. So, whether you are just taking advantage of this bright opportunity or you are a building inspection veteran, it is a good idea to review the industry standards of practice.


In business, there is always an opportunity to forgo your ethical obligation. The temptation of cutting corners or letting things go by is often present. The issue is that you have to think about the ripple effect such a decision will have going forward. At the beginning of your career and into it, it is worth taking an ethics refresher course so that the standards are fresh in your mind.


As you go about your Commercial Property Inspector duties, you are going to be working in conditions that involve HVAC systems, roofs and electrical systems, so safety courses for commercial property inspection are a must. This is good for both your safety and to fully complete your inspections.

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