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5 Types of Low Light Plants to Make Your Miami Business More Appealing

When it comes to interior design, most businesses take a practical approach. Owners focus on seating areas, reception desks, office equipment, and other necessities. These are wise investments for your business, but you may feel that something is lacking. The spaces feel sterile and somewhat generic. What you may need is some greenery to give your office a nice final touch. Interior plant services for Miami businesses help you find the best plants for your space, even if you have little natural light. Here are the top five plants for low light office settings.


Also known as a snake plant, sanseviera is a deep green vertical-growing plant that has touches of yellow and light green. Not only is this a great plant for low light situations, but it also fits into small spaces, so you don’t have to give up floor space that is needed for other items.


Dracaena is a type of cane plant that you can find from interior plant services in Miami.

The long, slender, dark green leaves grow from light brown branches, and it looks like a mini palm tree. You can also find dracaena plants that have lighter green leaves with yellow centers. This adds height and interest to a room.

Spathiphyllum Supreme

More commonly known as peace lilies, spathiphyllum supreme do very well in low light settings. The dark green leaves contrast beautifully with the white flowers. Pace lilies can be set up on the floor of a waiting area, or you can put the plants on tables throughout your office space.

Learn More About Interior Plant Services

Tropical Plant Leasing offers a nice variety of indoor plants for your office, including plants that do well in areas with low, moderate, and abundant natural light. Call them today to learn more or visit their website at