Three Easy Keto Snack Ideas to Help Fight Hunger and Cravings

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Foods

Are you doing keto, or do you know someone who is? The ketogenic diet is very low in carbohydrates and works by keeping blood sugar levels even to fight hunger. Whether you’re on a ketogenic diet or just looking to increase your intake of protein and healthy fats, these three keto-friendly snack ideas can help you crush your hunger.

Pork Rinds

Potato chips are a tasty, salty snack, but they’re also full of carbs and off the menu on a keto diet. Replace them with low-carb, high-protein pork rinds to hit those same salty, crunchy notes.

Meat Snacks

Meat snacks like beef jerky and pepperoni are easy and popular keto-friendly treats. Most supermarkets carry a variety of meat snacks, or you can get a dehydrator and make your own from premium cuts. The best healthy beef jerky to eat on the keto diet is made with grass-fed beef and is low in added sodium.

Fat Bombs

If you’re going to do keto, you need to know how to make fat bombs. These decadent treats take the place of sweets and provide a source of healthy fats to keep you full. Pair fat bombs with a serving of the best healthy beef jerky for a balanced snack.

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