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A Cleaning Service versus Self Cleaning

Financial constraints have caused many of us to trim our monthly expenses. As usual, we cut what we think of as our nonessentials first. This includes dollars spent on vacations, massages, lunches out, etc. Cleaning services are another of what we deem nonessential but are they really? Consider what happens when to decide to do without maid services in Houston.

Your Cost Compared to Their Cost

Yes, there is a cost to the cleaning company, but when you consider all that you get; it is far less than you think. They clean your home thoroughly, mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, dusting, cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms. When you do this yourself there is no fee for your time, but you do need to purchase all the necessary cleaning products and supplies, something that is included in the company’s fee. Since they buy in bulk they get theirs far cheaper than you can buy yours. In addition to that, if you are using a service, you do not have to find space to store all the cleaning equipment in your home since they bring it with them and take it with them when they go.

The Cost of Equipment

The costs of vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners keep going higher and higher as they keep getting more technologically advanced. Not to mention that ownership means replacing filters on a regular basis and repairs. You will also be spending money on mops, brooms, sponges and scrubbers. All those things add up. A cleaning service already owns all of those items and they bear the brunt of upkeep and repair.

Your Time is Valuable

With today’s busy schedules you probable have very little time to spare and time spent cleaning is time being taken away from a more pressing responsibility. They are well known for offering dependable and guaranteed cleaning services that are flexible and will fit into your schedule.

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