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Three Safety Tips for Taking Your Children to the Pool in Midlothian, VA

Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children ages one to four? The good news is that drowning can be prevented. If you’re ready to take your kids to the swimming pool in Midlothian, VA, keep these three safety tips in mind.

Always Supervise Young Swimmers

The number one pool safety rule for young children is that they need constant supervision. If you’re not a good swimmer, bring someone who is, or choose a pool with qualified lifeguards on duty.

Start Swimming Lessons Early

One of the best ways to keep your child safe around the swimming pool in Midlothian, VA is to start swimming lessons as early as possible. Infants have a natural ability to swim that fades with toddlerhood, so don’t be afraid to take your baby to swimming lessons.

Exercise Caution With Pool Toys

Pool toys are fun, but they also pose a serious danger to young children. Large floating toys like air mattresses and donuts can float on top of kids and trap them under the water. Never depend on floaties or inflatable toys to keep your child afloat in the pool. Use a lifejacket instead.

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