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Cable Pullers: Must-Know Buying Advice

The right tools make your job easier. If you handle large commercial projects on a regular basis, investing in a high-performance cable puller is a must. It’s more efficient as it eliminates the manual effort needed to feed cables into the tray or conduit, thereby improving your crew’s overall performance. To make sure you check out the right options, here are must-know tips

Know what you need

Don’t shop blindly. Set goals. Do you want to speed up your crew’s performance? Once you have a goal, it’s easier to look for the right equipment. Think about which features will help you achieve the outcome you want for your crew. With an idea of what your equipment’s must-have features are, finding options that fit the bill is easier.

Look for ease of use

Can’t decide with so many options out there? Consider ease of use. Buying an expensive or advanced model isn’t always the best option if your crew has trouble using the tool. It doesn’t matter if the product comes with a pulling force of 1,000 or 10,000. If it’s not easy to understand and use, that hinders productivity levels at work.

Shop in advance

If you’re on a tight deadline and you need those tools for a project, order them in advance. This will require forethought and planning. Taking those extra few steps is worth it, though. You won’t need to be forced into settling for low-quality products that you can buy in a rush so that you’ll have something to use.

Look for freebies

Always check for discounts. Many online shops or distributors offer free shipping when orders reach a specific price point. Find out if you qualify for any of those offers. Take note of the seasonal discounts, if there are any, so you can look for these the next time.