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How to Choose Food-Grade Plastic Bags

Packaging matters. It helps your products stand out, ensures it’s safe, and improves the customer’s experience. If you are shopping for the best food-grade plastic bags, remember to pay attention to several factors. With basic information, you’ll find it easy to pick the right bag for your customer’s needs.

Research the material

If you run a restaurant, provide your customers with better bag options. Know your options. Choose from a variety of materials that include high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene, and more.

Match it

Buy appropriate food-grade plastic bags that are ideal for holding your food products. Does the food contain high acid or alcohol content that leach the additives from the plastic into the food? Be sure to check for containers that come with FDA approval to ensure compliance.

Assess the gauge

The gauge refers to the thickness of the plastic sheet or bag. The usual measurement is mil’s or microns. The higher the gauge is, the better it can handle contents that may be sharp or heavy. That means it will also be thicker.

Pick a style

Bags come in several styles. If you want the gusset style, you have three options: the side gusset, bottom gusset, and flat bag style. Seal and closure styles are also common and include flip top or tuck top bags, seal top bags, and slide seal bags. You can also consider deli saddle bags and other types of re-closable food bags.

Choose a supplier

Pick a reputable supplier for your packaging. Find out what kind of reputation and track record it has. If the firm is known for poor quality items, look elsewhere. Don’t forget to check for reviews. Consumer feedback tells you a lot about a firm and saves you from making an unwise buying decision.