Careers to Pursue With a Sustainable Design Graduate Program Degree

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Education

If you are interested in sustainable design graduate programs, you will have a variety of career opportunities after graduation. With these careers, you will be able to combine your love of creative design with your desire to help save the planet.

Jewelry Designer

Many of the jewelry designs that people love require extraction of precious minerals from the ground. This can have a negative environmental impact. As an eco-jewelry designer can help create jewelry that is more environmentally friendly.

Product Designer

Manufacturers of product designs are facing constant scrutiny for their use of materials. If you are interested in going into the field of industrial product design, you can make a definite difference in the environmental friendliness of new products. You will be able to design sustainable products during the entirety of the product’s lifecycle, including the sourcing of materials and disposal.

Business Marketer

Are you interested in working in the business field? If so, you have the opportunity to work as a green business marketing professional. In this position, you would work to build and market brands that are environmentally friendly. As part of this position, you would also help companies design services to customers that are sustainable.

Construction Manager or Building Professional

Building new homes or businesses can cause a severe toll on the environment. With a degree in sustainable design, you can work as a manager or professional in construction and help architects and landscapers come up with a construction model that is environmentally friendly for generations to come.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago offers best sustainable design graduate programs.

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