Salmon Fishing in The Bay Area

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Fishing

Hit the waters and target one of the most prized catches in the Bay Area. The salmon is a favorite among many anglers because they make excellent table fare. Additionally, the chinook salmon, also known as king salmon, is famous because of its sheer size. It can grow to the size of an average man. Here are some more exciting facts about salmon fishing.

Facts About the King Salmon

The Chinook salmon is the largest variety of the Pacific salmon, attaining lengths of up to 4.5 feet and weighing over 100 pounds. They are native to the North Pacific Ocean and the river systems that range from California to Alaska. You will also find them in Asian river systems and other parts of the world.

King salmon are a migratory fish species, but you can spot them in the Bay area during the fall as they enter the California Delta while moving upstream to spawn. Known as the Salmon Highway, this line is an ideal fishing ground for this species.

Best Season for Salmon Fishing In San Francisco

If you are planning a salmon fishing charter in the Bay Area, you have undoubtedly made the right choice. San Francisco is one of the best places to fish for salmon.

It is important to note that the peak season runs from mid-April to the end of October. Nonetheless, you are most likely to find the chinook salmon in abundance during the summer months.

Of importance to note is that salmon fishing has been dramatically affected due to the dwindling population of the species. Currently, there are tight regulations on catching this highly nutritious species. However, this should not worry you as your captain will explain the local laws and rules you need to abide by during your fishing charter.

Be sure to pack the right gear for your fishing trip as you prepare to come and make memories with friends or family.

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