Driveway Expansion Joint Filler

by | May 8, 2019 | Expansion Joint Repair

Driveways that are made out of concrete need a quality driveway expansion joint filler in order to ensure that they remain in a safe and good-looking condition. The expansion joints serve an important purpose. When it rains, sleets or snows, moisture gets into the concrete through its porous surface. It also gets into the expansion joints if there is no filler material. The water causes the concrete to expand. If temperatures drop lower than the freezing point, the water crystallizes. The ice crystals take up more space than the liquid water. This expansion causes concrete to lift, buckle and crack. Over time, it can ruin the driveway.

By filling the expansion joints with the correct type of filler material, a lot of this type of damage can be prevented. Your driveway’s edges will look cleaner because the filler material also stops seeds, leaves, dust, dirt, pine needles and other debris from accumulating there. The cost of filling the expansion joints is much lower than the amount that you would pay for concrete repairs or the premature replacement of your driveway.

The filler material still allows for slight expansion and contraction of the concrete when water is absorbed through the driveway’s surface or from water that soaks into the surrounding soil. If you get your concrete waterproofed and sealed, you can minimize the impact that the water has on your driveway. Our team of professionals can fill the expansion joints in just a few hours of work.

Our driveway expansion joint filler preserves the structural integrity of your concrete driveway. When you need to repair the expansion joint, remove the old filler and replace it with new, clean and durable filler, give us a call. We look forward to helping you enjoy an aesthetically appealing and long-lasting residential or commercial driveway.

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