Benefits of This TX-Manufactured Concrete Driveway Joint Expansion Filler

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Expansion Joint Repair

Up until now, most driveway expansion joint fillers were either made of wood or of a gooey, gloppy goo. Neither are ideal, as the wood driveway expansion joints would rot, and the gooey stuff can leave a gloppy mess everywhere until it hardens into a crusty mess everywhere. Now one Texas-based manufacturer has created a solution to this problem. Their expansion joint fillers have all of the following benefits.

Easy to Install, Easy to Remove

Because these joint expansion fillers are made from a polyvinyl, they pop in and out of your driveway joints with ease. Pop them in to protect the concrete joints. Pop them out when you want to run a string of holiday lights or electrical cords for projects and you don’t want anything accidentally run over by a car.

No Drying Time Is Necessary

These products are solid. No drying time is necessary, unlike the tubes of goo used to fill concrete joints. You just measure and cut to fit. Pop them in, and you’re done.

They’ll Never Rot Either

These joint expansion fillers cannot rot like wood. After ten years, they may fade in color a little bit, but after ten years in the hot Texas sun that’s to be expected. They are guaranteed for up to ten years, and require no maintenance or replacements. If you want to see how Trim-a-Slab concrete joint expansion fillers can work for your driveway, go to to see all of the options available and how to order your joint fillers today.

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