How Effective Is Your Compliance Program?

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Management

Of course, you want to have the very best when it comes to corporate compliance training since in many states it is the law to provide it, but it also makes great business sense as well. Corporate compliance training is a program that teaches all your staff your company’s rules, regulations, procedures and policies. Why is that vitally important? If your employees are unaware of pertinent laws, policies or regulations that pertain directly to them in the course of their duties you could be held accountable for their actions. Another reason is to prevent accidents, injuries, and most of all, lawsuits.

What Are Elements of an Effective Program

There are six parts of a compliance that you need to be aware of:
*Detailed and understandable procedures and policies.
*Simple and effective training.
*Open and honest communication.
*A compliance officer who in capable of auditing and monitoring the program
*Enforcement and more enforcement and simple guidelines for discipline.
*A quick response to issues arising from failure to comply.

How Do You Find the Right Company to Provide Training?
First, you will need to think about what your training needs are. These will depend greatly on your company’s policies and your states laws that have been enacted pertaining to compliance, like sexual harassment statutes. Then, and only then, should you start your search for a training company that will meet your needs. Ask the simple questions:

*How long have you been in business?
*Are their trainers educated and licensed in compliance training?
*Can they provide references?
*Can they provide proof of being covered under liability insurance?
*Verify everything. Training is too important to not have a fully licensed and insured instructor.

Schedule an appointment to meet with the instructor to go over what course materials will be used and the content of the proposed training. We have been providing compliance training to many companies to effectively reduce their risks and can do the same for you.

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