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How GPS Is Used in Modern Land Surveying

Most of us have heard of GPS technology. It helps us find our way when we’re driving somewhere new, helps us use our smart phones to locate places and find our way home – but did you know it’s also a key piece of how land surveyors create maps and prepare locations for development? Read on to find out how GPS surveying is helping us better understand the lay of the land!

GPS Technology – How We Use It Today

Initially developed for military use, GPS – global positioning system – technology is now part of our everyday lives. Children as young as elementary school use it as part of school projects, and geocaching has become a popular pastime for people of all ages. More than just fun and games, though, GPS technology helps us get serious work done.

Using images and information provided by satellite surveillance equipment, GPS-enabled devices give users a remarkably accurate picture of where they are on the earth’s surface and what is around them. This is especially useful to land surveyors, who use this information to help with developing locations for residential, public and commercial use. Using GPS-enabled equipment, they can do twice the work in a fraction of the time of older surveying methods.

The New Gold Standard

Equipment used for GPS surveying now comprises the majority of any precision mapping retailer’s inventory. It is the industry standard, and an indispensable part of how we create the maps and plans we need to understand our modern world. With less equipment and labor required to collect necessary information, costs for surveying companies are cut dramatically, and productivity is increased.

One of the first industries to adopt this technology, surveying is also likely the one that relies most heavily on its accuracy. When surveying coastal regions and areas underwater, there is no greater tool than GPS, as physical mapping of these areas can be nearly impossible. In this way, GPS continues to deepen our understanding of the planet around us and educate us in ways that have never before been possible. It has truly changed the way we see the world! Contact Frontier Precision to get more information.