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Enhance Your Business Image With Trade Show Displays

A lot of New York businesses find that the cost of going to trade shows doesn’t translate into a boost in customers. In reality, a well-designed trade show display with a great product will have a big impact on sales, particularly for Business to Business or B2 B2B companies.

The issues with lack of response after a trade show are most often related to a less than interesting, inspiring and eye-catching booth. Having a way to distinguish your business through your trade show display will be critical, as will be selecting the right trade show to advertise your products.

Here are some important tips for any trade show booth or area. The more of these issues that can be incorporated with the company branding, colors, logo, and message, the more the trade show exposure will enhance your business moving forward.

Backgrounds and Signs

The background or backdrop for the trade show display as well as the banner stands, signs and walls of the booth should all be carefully selected. Use the corporate colors in the design and look for a cohesive set of images and text to create a professional looking booth and display.

Choose a text that is easy to read and select images that are crisp, clear and unique, representing some aspect of your product or service. Choosing vinyl, quality fabric and lighting that adds to the quality look of the booth will be essential.

Central Message and Focus

Too often companies try to put too much on display. Instead, focus on one product line or two to three select, related products. This allows your design team to create images and messages that are central and focused rather than looking tossed together and cluttered.

Create a Buzz

The last thing any business wants is for their display and booth to blend into the background or the surrounding displays. Look for vibrant, eye-catching and interesting images, lighting and materials to make your display the talk of the New York trade show.