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Getting Unwired for Fitness

Public speakers who remember days not too long ago when wires cluttered the stage are grateful for the invention of wireless microphone headsets. Tangled wires often prevented a speaker from moving around the platform and there was the constant danger of tripping. If a fall on stage didn’t injure you, it certainly made you look less professional. Those issues are amplified for the fitness instructor who is ready to go wireless.

Getting Unwired for Freedom

The image of a fitness instructor standing still behind a mic-stand or a podium just doesn’t make any sense. Fitness instructors lead by example and students follow their motions. A wireless headset must give the instructor freedom on a number of levels.

1. A good headset allows the instructor freedom to speak conversationally and clearly while being heard and understood.
2. A good wireless microphone headset should be light.
3. A headset transmitter should be securely fastened either in the headset itself or in a waist strap with the cord from microphone to the transmitter secured away from arm motion.

Getting Unwired for Durability

Microphones and headsets designed for home use won’t make the grade for the fitness instructor. The fitness business needs wireless headsets that stand up to the jarring, repetitive motions of active exercises. Off the shelf systems from music equipment supply stores and retail audio companies won’t meet the demand of the fitness industry, according to Getting unwired for fitness involves getting away from generic equipment, which means being willing to invest more into the business.

Some of the top 20 trends in fitness for 2017, according to are Group Training and Group personal Training where the instructor meets with a small number of people. Another trend is Worksite Health Promotion. The need for properly equipped fitness instructors continues to grow along with the demand.