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Features of Catholic Services at Funeral Homes Near Lafayette

A Catholic funeral typically is held at a church with a priest saying mass. The service also can be held at one of the funeral homes near Lafayette. Families have various reasons for making this decision. No matter what the reason, funeral home directors make sure the immediate relatives receive compassionate attention. The director arranges the service as the family members prefer.

The Service

The Catholic Church does not allow funeral masses in these locations. A priest can still perform the rest of the service without the offering of the Eucharist.

Instead of holding a traditional wake before the funeral, the relatives may encourage eulogies to be given during the service. They might ask attendees to share memories at this time as well.

Providing Food Afterward

Often, the immediate relatives provide a meal or snacks afterward. For convenience, this usually is served at the funeral home. Staff members of funeral homes near Lafayette can set up the tables and chairs and put place settings for the estimated number of guests.

There are no specific guidelines as to what food items should be provided. There might be sandwiches with dessert. Another possibility is several kinds of baked goods. Trays of fruit, vegetables, and crackers with sliced meats and cheese could be set on the countertop.

Sharing Companionship

This gives everyone an opportunity to share companionship with those who loved the deceased individual. The bereaved relatives and close friends receive additional emotional support. People might reminisce about fun times with the loved one who is gone now.

Anyone needing assistance with Catholic funeral arrangements may contact Queen of Heaven Cemetery & Funeral Center.